Lenz's Law Demo

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Don't hide your Lenz's Law demonstration in a copper tube!

This apparatus is a dramatic presentation that's out in the open for students to see. First slide a standard steel marble down the track and students will see just how quickly gravity moves the marble. Then switch to the magnetic sphere and watch the look on their faces and the sphere defies gravity and lazily rolls down the track. Demo includes a 24 inch aluminum track, steel marble and a neodymium magnetic sphere.

Note From Buzz Putnam:

"Its the magic of science at its best! From middle school science to high school Physics, this demo will get your students to say... "What?"

To me, you've got to grab your students' attention and then get that content into their heads. Better than those standard copper tubes with falling magnets! Roll the steel ball down the ramp, then turn the ramp around 180 degrees. Make sure your students know you did that. Now roll down the magnetic sphere. Wow! Remember, its all in the presentation!"