Physics Phormulas CD Set

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Unleash the ability in your students with the Physics Phormulas CD Set!

Physics Phormulas pairs essential physics formulas with familiar tunes and entertaining animations to produce a powerful instructional tool with enormous educational potential!

Physics Phormulas communicates information via multiple modalities which makes memory retrieval far easier than would be possible by rote memorization alone. Easy formula recall permits students to easily recognize relationships between variables, focus on the concepts behind questions, and solve problems correctly. The catchy cadence of the songs increases the odds that students will square values (or find square roots) appropriately, decreasing the odds that a student will make a mistake while working on a lab, completing homework assignments, or taking a test.

Quotes from students regarding Physics Phormulas:

  • Helpful (Most common response)
  • Fun (Second most common response)
  • Very cool
  • CD has Grammy potential (Hmm?)
  • Good voice (thankfully)
  • They get stuck in my head but it doesn't bother me
  • Improves atmosphere in class
  • Great!

Each Physics Phormulas set includes both an audio CD and a data CD containing Power Points, lyric sheets, and instructions. Experience the magical results of Physics Phormulas in your classroom today!